when you squint at the sink with the window facing the light, sheer curtains filtering out the sharp glare of afternoon, holding your wet hands in front of your eyes and wishing for the night to come. it’s a blip of a moment of a still day, and it repeats itself again and again and… Read More yellow

world history

10:30 am, mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. world wars. i hate that class so much. the teacher’s fun. she’s exciting, she’s relatable, she’s easy to listen to, i respect her. she brings the past and the present together and shows what the future could look like given what it already does. she doesn’t make me wanna… Read More world history

live time

i probably should have put this up at the beginning of the day but too late if you want to comment, start up a chat on this post or on the instagram, go for it UPDATE: here’s the recorded stream for everyone who missed it!

motel room

night. crickets. wind. grass. roads. quiet. pizza. calm. school, noise, headphones, book, dessert. calm. table, chairs, creaky floors, dim light, hotspot. calm. home. phone rings. “hello?” calm. stands up. table. grabs hand. leaves. closes the door. alone. pizza. not calm. heartbeats. dry mouth. empty room. empty plates. not calm. look around. tiptoe. peek. crack. sobbing.… Read More motel room