everything, i think. i want to do everything. and also nothing. i also want to do nothing. and also i want to eat pizza. i have a *great* train of thought. i’ve done what i think is my brightest idea, and that was to unplug the janky laptop and move to my room, with the… Read More do?


the sun shines through a foggy pastel skyburning orange against faint pink and blueit peeks behind a mountain,hiding from the ocean in its view. the rain has been pouring for hours,wailing in the darkness, crying in the showerspuddles lie in the crevices of the grounddrops falls from leaf to leaf and roll all around. blue… Read More ethereal

you had a name

“I can’t breathe.” the house is quaking with thunder, and i feel numb inside. “I was just going home.” you could’ve gone so many places. you could’ve been going for a walk, or to a party, or to your friend’s house, or on a mini adventure, or travelling across the world, and now… well. you’ve… Read More you had a name

everyone here was all about that superhero life

why am i doing this? for *fun*. obviously. anyway. How were you introduced into the MCU fandom? iron man, 2008, at a very tender age. the rest goes downhill from there. What’s your favorite Marvel film? the winter soldier. the love of my life and also the only thing the-brothers-who-don’t-deserve-any-award-whatsoever did right. Top favorite Marvel… Read More everyone here was all about that superhero life

take two

okay. we’re gonna try again. i don’t think i’ll ever stop feeling unimportant. i don’t think i’ll ever get over being ignored. i don’t think i’ll ever stop being scared, or feel truly confident, and i don’t believe that i’m going to be someone great. but… i’m going to be someone. and that is great.… Read More take two