rose and jo take on the playlist swap

r e a d i n s i t e t y

We should do a playlist collab
Like Enni

yes yes

and that’s your intro folks.

Songs for Jo:

  1. used to you-mxmtoon 

I discovered mxmtoon last year and I’ve gotten Jo to listen to a few of her songs, because I think they’ll really relate to them. I know I for sure can. Personally, I’m obsessed with the intro to this song and I think it’s overall super cute and soft and relatable and ah. I love it. So so much. 

help help help help it’s soft and pure and safe and almost lullaby-ish? i love it. the ending and the beginning were almost ethereal in a playful sort of way. i’d listen to that on a midnight playlist on repeat for ages.

  1. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-but I have it-Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has a super unique voice/vocal style which *smol disclaimer* is not for everyone. I picked this one because Jo said something on their livestream (go listen to it) which reminded me of the chorus. The storyline is interesting and it gives off musical vibes. And Jo loves musicals. So overall, this is a great song for that. Smol disclaimer to anyone else who might want to listen to this: it’s explicit, so please be mindful of that. 

wow. the lyrics in this are so real. the harmonies and echoes in here are beautiful, and just everything in this. goodness. it really sings like a bittersweet ballad. i’d absolutely listen to this again. it’s almost a journal entry that everyone’s written at one point in their lives. 

  1. 400 Lux-Lorde

Lorde is a newer favorite artist of mine, but I remain obsessed. I love the background vocal part of the chorus (I don’t know how else to describe it). It makes the song so incredible. I’ve been listening to it constantly because it (I guess) reminds me of young love and human interaction, which are, at least where I live, harder to come by.  It’s very YA contemporary/teen movie which are things Jo loves. I almost cried when I first heard it because of how beautiful it is. 

the synth! i like it already. lorde’s voice is oddly soothing, and all the different textures in this song is so fascinating. absolutely a bop. honestly all of these picks feels like someone peeked into my mind and turned them into songs. i’m really loving the ya vibe and the funky emo sounds.

  1. Colors-Halsey

Okay I’ve heard this song once but all the color metaphors? Everything is blue? Everything is gray? It has been stuck in my head since I heard it and I need to ensure it’s stuck in someone else’s head too. The songwriting is really beautiful and it’s amazing how much emotion is conveyed. It’s one of those sadder songs that sound happy, so yeah. Enjoy.

rage pop? we stan. the wanderlustyoungadultsondering vibes are really strong with this. also i love how bold the lyrics are— and the siren sounds in the background? that sounds like something finneas would do *looks it up* doesn’t look like he did, but the sounds in this mix so beautifully. and the colors are too accurate help. 

  1. Style-Taylor Swift

No song rec list I make can exist without me mentioning my brand. Taylor Swift. I recently found out I was sleeping on this incredible amazing song that will (sorry) never go out of style. It’s so upbeat. It’s so classy. It is the perfect pop song and it deserves an honorary Grammy for being so incredibly amazing. 

help i’m bobbing my head so hard. rose always picks the best recs. this song just feels all the feels, and taylor’s lyrics??? are??? too relatable despite never actually being in the situation she sings about? also the drums are great here. i could listen to this for a while and not get tired. watch me dance in line at the airport to this a month from now. 

my favorite: 400 Lux

Songs for Rose:

  1. The Starry Night – Starry Musical

i’ve been listening to this album on repeat for weeks, and i think rose would like this because– where to even begin? it (and the whole album) is based on the story of vincent van gogh and his hopes and dreams and struggle. everytime i listen to it there’s this small yearning for something i don’t even know, and i’d hope it’d be the same for rose.

I was really hoping Jo’d put something from Starry on here. I’ve been meaning to take a listen, so this is the perfect excuse. Okay wow. Um. That was beautiful. The lyricism? Amazing. I totally see what Jo means about the yearning feeling and I am now going to drop everything and obsess over this musical. I love the softness about it and the self discovery. 

  1. I’m Not Here – Me + T

i listened to this one obsessively since the movie came out a year ago, and it’s the perfect mix of sad and hopeful that you play on repeat in your room, alone at night when nobody’s there for you. probably couldn’t have coped if i wasn’t listening to this 24/7.

Why is Jo doing this to me? Too many feelings, I cannot cope. This is certainly the type of sad song I like. So quiet and heartfelt. There is so much depth to the song. Immediately adding this to my list of songs that make me cry, so I cannot listen to them properly. And the harmonies?! *Sobs softly*

  1. Rain – Ben Platt

ben platt is one of my favorite artists, and this song really defined my summer. it’s poppy and upbeat and kinda forces you to dance and breathe and try to live despite all the fears and worries. it’s what i wish i could say to the people who meant the most to me. 

This could easily be on the soundtrack to a Disney Channel show. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the production or the voice (In general I’m not the biggest fan of male singing voices) but the lyrics and beat were super cool. 

4. Armor – Sara Bareilles

one of the things rose and i have connected over is female empowerment, and this song embodies that in such a raw, rough, real, radiant way (yes i used alliteration. fight me.) it honors the women who have gone before, the women of now, and the women of the future, and i can’t think of anything quite as inspiring. 

Um wow. Her voice is so raw? I love the unique production and the message and the lyrics and wow I love this. How did I not know about this song before? The empowerment? The feminism vibes? The sense of community? Completely in love with this. 

  1. mother tongue – liana flores

this song kinda puts the feeling of cultural dysphoria to words, and it’s something that i’ve lived with for so long, growing up in 3 cultures and learning everything and nothing from them, and i think it’s something everyone can relate to regardless of whether they were immigrants or not. so i hope i’m right. 🙂

Is this indie ukulele music?! Yes my other brand. The whole song is super cool and echoey. I could relate to this one a lot. As someone who has a lot of strained family relationships and a sense of never belonging culturally to anywhere, I really felt it. I can’t wait to listen to more of Liana’s music because I know I’ll really like it. 

My favorite: mother tongue

you may have noticed that this theme of trading playlists isn’t original with us. and you’d be absolutely right. emily & joy, kenechi & sarah, clara & megan, and most recently enni & diamond have all done collabs like this, so go check them out if you’re looking for music to listen to. or you could drop your favorite recs like we did, which would be equally worthwhile.

in the meantime, i’ll be playing lorde on repeat this week and probably spamming rose with how much i regret not listening to taylor swift sooner, as you do.

~so dance along to the beat in your heart, rose & jo~

17 thoughts on “rose and jo take on the playlist swap

  1. Yay this was so much fun! I’m glad I converted you to the Swift side lol. I’m looking forward to the spam. Now, I’m going to go listen to more Liana Flores.

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  2. I love seeing these playlist swaps ahhh! And oh my gosh from your descriptions I must go listen to them all rn because they sound so beautiful. ALSO I am SO. OBSESSED. WITH. LORDE like ahhhhhhhhhh

    Liked by 1 person

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