sincerely, me

from left to right:

this is a portrait of the chaos child (that’s me), headphoned, casual, colorful, banned from a lot of places.

this is the chaos fuel that burns in the night and somehow only dies at the prospect of human interaction.

and this is the chaos child in the flesh, with stringy hair, scratched glasses, a hoodie to properly hide from the madness of society, a tim hortons chai latte honoring the canadian parts that have stuck in their system. they’re a little dumb, but they’re doing their best.

i struggle with lucidity a lot ( a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot) so sometime i stare at the sky and wait for dragons to kidnap me.

i come from islands infected with colonialism and tourism, a culture that has created itself out of scraps and dedication. i’m a filipino who doesn’t know what it means to be filipino. assimilation is great.

the phone thing is just pretty, that’s all it’s purpose here. that’s a thing here, some things exist with no other reason than just to be. like myself. hello. we haven’t been evicted yet but we’re this close to it.

i spend most of the hours with light in them walking around taking pictures. it’s very cool, should be normalized. sometimes i share them. now i just scrutinize whether they’re actually good or not, delete them, and question my mortality.

films are one of my favorite things to hyperfixate on, analyze, and tear to shreds, hence why i tried applying for cinema production (didn’t work, they probably saw my rap sheet), but now i just stick to ranting about them. but you knew that.

joey richter and rachel soglin are two of the loves of my life (in a purely admiring non-objectifying way, we don’t stan parasocial stalkers here) and they’re a part of starkid, which is a part of this amazing thing called musical theater, which can also be known as the thing that saved my life. twice. anyway, stan the starkids or die.

i feel like this is self explanatory, but in case it isn’t, these are predominantly all the vibes i release on here.

… yeah, that’s a good explanation.

i guess if i have to sum this dumpster of chaos and the couch crasher in it, it would be this:

these are the most delicious thing to ever exist second only to pizza the maker bless whoever came up with this heavenly contraption

i’m made of a lot of things really. sometimes they go away, sometimes they stay forever, but they all make up some part of me.

i wish i was wise, but as i’m not, i’ll settle for insane.

i’m jo, i’m a second gen immigrant of no current nationality, i have a whole load of issues that cloak themselves under the terms anxiety and neurodiversity, i am stained with a rainbow of colors, i do a bit of everything, and i use too many references.

and also, the most important thing.

the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.