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Statue of Liberty
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if i had my words at the time,

if i had my mind collected to answer your casual conversation about the news of the world and the news of the country neither of us have an official citzenship to (yet) but both consider home,

if i’d known how far into your experiences you’d lean, how proud you are of how far you’ve come, who’ve you brought and who you came back for,

if i realized that a person can so easily be shaped by what they consider right,

perhaps i wouldn’t have stayed silent as you explained why you believed systemic racism doesn’t exist.

perhaps, knowing that your mind would not be swayed from your belief that the plight of the people with the same skin as you and i was nothing more than an opportunity presented as a struggle,

that surely, because you came through your experiences successful, proud, and happy, that is every immigrant’s story, that is every person of color’s life if they would only put their minds to it,

that this couldn’t be true because it didn’t happen to you,

that it was merely a shift of blame from personal failure to the system’s,

that all you needed to cure this horrible plague called racism was to merely keep your head up and make friends of your enemies,

i would’ve been more factual, more precise, less sympathetic (because you in all your kind words are surprisingly not),

but that wouldn’t have changed anything, would it?

no, realistically, none of our talk affects what we were talking about,


it affects me.

you speak with pride of your past, of your thoughts, of your opinion. you came from soldier’s guts and the will of your last name. when old dad died in the states, everyone took the papers he didn’t sign and wrote them for themselves and they simply did. it was the family way. to stick together and to grab at any chance whatsoever together.

you were my age when old dad died. you were my age when old mom and your sister had chosen to move for themselves since there was nobody to move for them. you were the first of us to live in the projects, the first to fish around in the dumpsters, the first to try, the first to survive in this country. you helped bring most of the family here. you know this, you say, you know struggle, you have friends, they’ve struggled, that is how life is.

(and you call me the pessimist.)

“assimilation” you say, raising a glass of water, “is something everyone has to do. otherwise, why bother coming to the country?”

this from the person who fears losing the family history, always comments on the new kids being born with english names, insists on learning our native tongue, always prepares a mix of foreign dishes with a side of rice because otherwise that is not a meal, this is coming from a beautiful, kind, unknowing hypocrite. you have made yourself presentable to be treated regularly (and boom, who defines what’s regular? you just admitted it’s not us), but the culture that flows in you is the culture they do not want, and so you say assimilation is good.

i refrain from mentioning residential schools and the similar mentalities even now as you comment, “oh, and the docs said i was a monkey, but that’s just one bad doc, that’s all it is.”

see, you had me til “all” and “just”.

i’m quiet, but not by desire. i need to hear this, i need to know how you think, and it is… it is like every other human who has ever thought. they are strong thoughts, brave thoughts, misguided and sad thoughts, adaptable, survivalist, idealistic, and human thoughts. i have similar ones, and all of them just echo one repeating line:

beating the system doesn’t mean the system doesn’t exist. beating the system doesn’t mean the system doesn’t exist. you’re not supposed to push through an unforgiving system, that system is supposed to help you, not hold you back

you deny this. at this point, it’s rather ironic. no, it’s just how you make the most of this opportunity, no, it’s what you choose to make of it.
and you are right, of course you are.
but you’re wrong when you say that it’s just. it’s not just. and it’s not just. both definitions.

are you so content with pushing to exist in this space that you find the cries of people just like you doing the same thing on a larger scale than you did meaningless? have you accepted that your experience has got to be every other immigrant, everyone other person of color, every other human’s experience, and therefore your outlook on life will be everyone else’s too; to just reach for the grapes that are enticingly dangled above you? to jump and jump and jump even as every time you get closer they’re whisked out of reach? that nobody can check to see who’s holding the grapes and can’t stop jumping and jumping and jumping?

perhaps you grew up to survive a life of striving. you and the hordes of older folk who think just like you, proud in their success, reluctant to see the struggles of others without giving them the same advice you gave yourself.

but i grew up without the same pride of our story, our culture, our skin. because in pursuing the “It” you boast of, we lost what the significance of who we are, and no amount of your mourning for our generation will bring it back. that’s assimilation baby, when you win, you lose.

i grew up aware of the cultural gap among my people, i grew up aware of the cultural ignorance of my people, i grew up aware that i didn’t have a people. i grew up in similar housing, similar dumpsters, not so similar struggles. it’s easier to see what’s wrong when you’re not basking in the glow of your rightness.

it makes conversations like this more painful.

like how can i tell you that our success, the filipino growth, is largely thanks to the brave Black americans whose slurs, insults, and limitations we once shared, and to feel like you have an opinion on whether lives matter is to be ignorant? that even now we have this privilege known as the model minority that hurts everyone involved, us included? that you are proud of something that shouldn’t have been as hard as it was? that we shouldn’t– and we can’t– just push for a right to exist?

i can’t tell you that. that’s something that you need to learn in as much as you have said you know.

“i’m like a puppy” you said. “you can hate me and push me away all you want but i’ll make you love me and annoy you into caring for me, and that’s how we can end racism, by making our enemies love us.”

you grinned and launched into how you started providing for old mom at 17, and i merely looked at you.

no <3.

that’s not how you treat fellow people, fellow humans, like pets. you treat them like people, worthy of care and attention and human decency by existing.

and that’s what your optimism fails to cover. people are not being treated like people, people are being treated like pawns in a game, and what we’re saying is the game isn’t fair.

for someone who insists on seeing the good in people, surely you should see the bad as well.

but i didn’t have words. perhaps i still don’t.

when i do though, i hope you give my words the same weight i have given yours, because your thoughts are important.

and so are mine.

~this immigrant’s keeping us all on our toes, jo~

the covid, chinese, and chaotic conversation you don’t want to hear (but you probably should)

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(what you are about to read starts from the middle of a conversation that was initially between enni and jo, but was determined by both to be released due to its important subject matter. 

sources will be linked, and shots will be fired.)

Oh boy here we go

hmmmmmmm should we write an intro




Meh. Intros are overrated. 


Let’s start with rage.

……… what kind of rage? hold up i’m gonna send something we can rage about

Oh boy I’m scared.

(at this point jo sent a comment about the Chinese Communist Party on an IG story saying that people should not consider covid19 the “chinese” virus.)

well it looks like we can start ranting now. i’ll start. first, THAT WASN’T THE DANG POINT 

The CCP is horrible – I think we all know that but that doesn’t have anything to do with oppression of Asians. 

it’s also fair to mention that communism isn’t isolated to just the chinese. a lot of what we see in america has communist ideals, but we don’t talk about that either. also, communism is an ideal, not a race-specific thing. Gah.

EXACTLY. Also stop calling the virus a race/government/politics related name. Just call it by its scientific name because it exists for a reason.

t h a n k you. i said it before and i’ll say it again, but when the head of a whole country starts calling this the chinese virus, he’s probably not a good head. because… that’s really racist and we just happen to excuse it? i talked about this on spirit up and i got someone telling me “aww XD XD” as if it was just a joke and it was all for kicks and giggles. it’s not. especially if you’re chinese, which, oh surprise– A LOT OF AMERICANS ARE.

*chokes* I’m sorry but this is not a joke. People have been screaming at Asian Americans to get off planes since this virus began, calling them disgusting. Please don’t minimize this issue like that. Anything that affects people’s lives is a BIG DEAL. 

right? and i hear so many counter arguments that “but but white people are treated exactly the same in other countries”, which is just irritating because white people in other countries have usually traveled from the states– a major hotbed for the virus. those other countries are doing their jobs. very different. it’s not just limited to the usa either.

I’m 100% Chinese but I have lived here all my life. Why are you pushing 92-year-olds dementia sufferers to the ground? Spitting on Asians? Screaming at them? Harassing them? Physically attacking them? Shaming them? STABBING them? Two Koreans were stabbed in Montreal. The Korean Consulate had to warn KOREANS to be careful instead of the government attacking the messed up racist thinking of ATTEMPTED MURDERERS. VICTIMS SHOULD NOT NEED TO BE CAREFUL. THE ATTACKERS SHOULD BE TAUGHT, RESTRAINED, AND GIVEN CONSEQUENCES.

the infuriating thing with this is that when people think of an american, they don’t think about people of color unless there’s a hyphen in front of american. ethnicity doesn’t equal nationality. there are chinese born in america for just as long or longer than some “actual” americans. born and bred doesn’t just apply for white people, contrary to popular opinion. 

People are downsizing Asian racism because, “hey – we Americans are being affected too. Look at all the lost jobs and closed-down businesses.” First off, like Jo said, Americans does not equal white. Second of all, NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS. Employers are letting go of people of ALL races, not just if you’re Caucasian. I 100% understand how terrible it is to lose your job and the economic instability, but why are you limiting it to white people? Why do you protest job loss but stand to the side and maybe even quietly clap racism? EVERYONE is being affected by this.

let’s pull up some stats as well– if we look at income and standard of living for white people vs people of color, we’ll find that there’s a wide gap between the two. i saw a post with some lady protesting for people to go back to work so she could have her hair cut. how many poc moms trying to figure out how to feed their kids do you think outnumber that one, incredibly small minded person? 

Many of the businesses that went bankrupt or immediately had a drop in customers are ASIAN businesses. This is obviously not at all to say that white people cannot struggle financially or ignore those who are– we acknowledge them and support all white people who have lost  their jobs and having a rough time paying rent or putting food on their tables . This is not to say that your job fight as a white person is any less important. It is to say to please be aware of the ever increasing racism to POC, especially Asians, as well. We should not be afraid to walk the streets because of your messed up brain.(…)

read the second part on enni’s blog here

native toxins

America flag on pole

the president of the usa just might suspend immigration.

because of the corona virus and because people are dying and ‘murica first babeyyyyy

by the time this comes out, it’s probably already come into effect. unless by some fluke miracle someone managed to shed reason into a nonsensical solution to this impossible situation or more information was given, which is unlikely.

the president of the usa just might suspend immigration.

like the past years haven’t already been terrible to everyone trying to even reach the border, like there haven’t been kids who have been ripped apart from their families by the very people who should’ve been there for them, like the police cars and ice knocking on doors in the middle of the night never existed, like how if you’re lucky enough to be born in certain countries, it’ll take at least a decade to be considered american, like for all of the proud people who wave their flags there’s that many sitting in literal cages, either being kicked out for wanting a better life or waiting to be kicked out.

the president of the usa just might suspend immigration.

as if nobody noticed the distrust of asian americans that only grows every day, the asian american businesses that remain empty because nobody wants to catch corona from people that probably have been in this country for just as long as they have. nobody notices the increase of people being deported without their loved ones knowing under the pretense of flattening the curve, the ever so slowly delayed visas and green cards, the denied visas and green cards– but oh, nobody thinks about that, not when it’s the chinese virus that’s ruining everything. not when it’s them that caused this to us.

the president of the usa just might suspend immigration.

and i don’t know how i’m getting a visa now. it takes ages to land one of those.

i’m terrified.